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Carlos Nieves, Our March MVP

Meet Carlos Nieves, Hope for Miami’s most recent MVP. Carlos joined the Ready4Life team in November 2023, upon the recommendation of a friend who was also a Hope for Miami staff member. What attracted Carlos to the position as a Health Educator was his passion for making a difference in youth. After a lengthy career in sales, he was looking for something more, a job where he could influence the next generation. 


When asked about his favorite part of his position, Carlos replied, “Seeing the students who seem disinterested in the topic of healthy relationships who actually lean into the discussions.” According to his co-workers and team members:

“Carlos has had multiple young men confide in him that he is a trusted adult to them. One youth in particular mentioned that he didn't have a positive male role model in his life, but that Carlos has been filling that role. The impact that Carlos has on every youth he has interacted with goes beyond just facilitating the curriculum. He has been able to bring his experiences with youth, as a father and a pastor, to the classroom and give youth the "real life" examples that so many of them are seeking perspective about.”


Mr. Nieves has been married for 19 years and has two adult daughters. His household also includes his retired parents. In his spare time, he loves all sports – particularly basketball and disc golf. He serves his church as the youth pastor and is also studying for a ministry degree online at Nazarene Bible College.

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