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Thanks for being willing to volunteer your time, skills and energies on behalf of others!


To begin, click on this brief 

and fill it in. This will help us match you to the right volunteer or intern placement opportunity within our organization. 

Plus,  if you have more questions, you may email us: 

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What You Need to Know: 

Towards a Flourishing Miami: The foundation of Hope for Miami’s approach to community service and renewal is the belief that the well-being of our neighborhoods is best served when all the resources we have been entrusted with are applied to the many challenges around us.

Let’s Work Together to Re-weave our Neighborhoods: And so, we invite you to join with us on an exciting and meaningful journey as a volunteer!

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Here’s our Commitment to You:

  • The Right Fit: First, we’ll work hard to find a great place for your volunteer assignment that aligns with your interests, skills, knowledge and proximity to home. It’ll be a situation that’s safe, fun and meaningful for you and those you serve.

  • Skills! During your volunteer time, you’ll learn new ways of doing things and hopefully, you’ll increase your capacity to do them.

  • Looking for Community Service Hours? We’ll keep track of your service hours so that at the end of you volunteer journey, you’ll have an official document stating what you did and when.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Involvement in our After School and Summer Camp Program:

Activities include literacy, fitness, social skills, arts & crafts, homework help and field trips.  We serve children and youth of all abilities in our programs.

  • Assisting us in our Hope for Miami Office in the areas of: IT & Computer-related issues, Social Media - Administration -  Data Entry 

Again, thanks for your willingness to work with us for the flourishing of our communities!​

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