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Project Goals: 

  • Improve healthy relationship skills in teens and young adults

  • Improve the well-being of vulnerable students

  • Improve financial literacy skills

Curriculum and Approach: Hope for Miami's Ready4Life project will implement two Dibble Institute evidence-based models: Relationship Smarts 4.0 and Money Habitudes. Hope for Miami has received approval and authorization from the Dibble Institute to implement these combined approaches.

Needs to be Addressed: Youth in certain neighborhoods of Miami experience higher rates of poverty, school failure, criminalization, racism, family dysfunction and health challenges. These Adverse Childhood Experiences impact their ability to flourish as successful adults. By addressing healthy relationships skills and financial literacy -- Ready4Life can change the trajectory of their transition to a healthy and successful adulthood. 

Target Population: Ready4Life will serve teen students, primarily those in grades 9 & 10 who attend a school or reside in Miami-Dade County, FL. Note that the majority of youth in Miami are Black or Hispanic, often adversely affected by minority health disparities. 

Service Delivery:  Ready4Life will be delivered primarily in-school (during the school day) in 15 one hour sessions.  This delivery model will give us time to administer the pre- and post-tests necessary for our evaluation plan, delivering no fewer than 12 instructional hours.  

Program Reach: In Year 1, 300 students ages 14-24 will receive Ready4Life services, while in Years 2-5, an additional 600 youth per year will be reached. Over the five (5) years of the project, a total of 2,700 youth will complete 90% of the sessions with this program model 

Additional Activities: A Stakeholder Advisory Board will meet quarterly to guide the project and plan for its sustainability. 

Evaluation Independent evaluation services will be subcontracted to the Behavioral Science Research Institute (BSRI).

Adaptations: Ready4Life does not plan to modify or adapt the core curriculum. However, some sessions will be delivered during the school day with additional program sites that operate after-school or during the summer. 

Contact: Laresha Tyler, MSW - - 786-388-3000

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