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Stacy Silverman, Associate Director of Youth Development, Project RISE

Project Rise began working with Hope for Miami this 2021-2022 school year to provide coaching support for literacy, SEL, fitness, and behavior management.

The after-school hours provide ample opportunities for youth to build relationships with caring adults and peers, while exploring new interests and building new skills.

During program visits at Pneuma Academy, Wayside and Pinelands sites, I’ve witnessed firsthand the positive impact of staff structuring opportunities for youth to further their learning.

One highlight of my time was observing young people get excited about competing in a Jeopardy-like group game about emotions. What stood out during this SEL activity which Katlyn Figueredo facilitated was how she asked each child to explain and expand on their opinions and past experiences. Every time a young person reflects on and verbalizes their feelings’ they take an important step forward in exploring empathy and better understanding their own complex emotions.

I’ve also had the pleasure of hosting two virtual trainings for the Hope for Miami community. Project Rise loves when organizations use professional development time to uplift entire staff teams around a particular subject. Having so many outgoing and active participants during our training on Active Learning and Planning and Reflection was yet another highlight of my work this year.

These training sessions are a great way for us to learn about and share the diverse experiences and expertise of staff across an organization and it was a joy to help facilitate that enriching process.

Project Rise looks forward to continuing to support Hope for Miami's continuous quality improvement process through coaching and training.

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