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Meet Leigh Byers, New Board of Director for Hope for Miami

Leigh recently joined Hope for Miami's Board of Directors.

1. Hi, tell us who you are, what your vocational efforts have been and how you heard about Hope for Miami.

I’m Leigh Byers. I have been working in Christian ministry organizations since 2003. In the leadership roles I’ve held, I have led programs and efforts that supported children, youth, and families including those who are under-resourced and their communities. I met Rick and Yvonne through working in those efforts around 2010.

2. Thanks, so, what is it about the agency that attracts you and prompts you to serve in such a significant way as Board Director. What’s one aspect of Hope for Miami’s work that most encourages and motivates you?

Hope for Miami’s mission to serve children, youth, and families to have healthier and better lives and futures is something I value greatly. I want to contribute to Hope for Miami’s ongoing sustainability and growth as a board member. Seeing children, youth, and their families receive the support through the variety of programs offered is inspiring. I’m so grateful to be a part of supporting these efforts.

3. Great, next, how do you think your skills/gifts, knowledge and interests equip you as Director? What do you think you bring to the organization?

In addition to working in Christian nonprofits for over two decades, I have completed a Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management & Leadership (MAML) and also have a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). I understand the practicalities as well as theoretical and strategic needs of organizational leadership especially in the realm of human resources, mental health, and project and program development. In my previous and current board director experiences, I am very engaged and actively in serve as needed especially in areas of leadership succession, board development, and fundraising.

4. Finally, tell us something interesting about yourself to help us get to know you better.

I am married to a wonderful man who is a teacher and we have two grown daughters. My oldest daughter and her husband had their first child this year, so I am a grandma! I was born in New Brighton, Pennsylvania a suburb of Pittsburgh so I am an avid Steeler fan. I appreciate art, love the beach, and gardening is a hobby that I enjoy.

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