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Meet Adriana Bernaldes our first Deaf Student Intern

Adriana, welcome to the HFM family! To start off getting to know you better, please tell us where you’re from, how we connected and some interests and hobbies you have.

I was born in Cuba but moved to Florida. I am a student at Rochester Institute of Technology and my school helped to arrange a summer internship at Hope for Miami for my position as a graphic designer. I have a Labrador retriever dog and we love playing together on the beach. Some of my hobbies include taking pictures underwater and of buildings in popular places when I visit the Caribbean islands. My other interests are traveling to different countries learning new things about their cultures, food, music etc.

Sounds like fun! So, what are some of your duties as part of the HFM PR/Marketing team?

I’m helping create designs for our social media posts for holiday celebrations like July 4th and Juneteenth. I also work on posts for our different programs. Dhylan Rivera, HFM's Media Specialist and I enjoy bouncing around creative ideas. The team tells me I’ve been able to help get our tasks done quicker, especially around projects that need help more urgently. Also, connecting to social media accounts similar to ours is helping us to better engage our audience.

What has proved helpful in communicating with the other staff?

Most times, we communicate through text messages, notes app, and emails. It’s faster for everyone and it’s easier for me. There’ve been no problems communicating together.

Finally, tell us what you like best about your activities and work with HFM.

I enjoy making posts related to social media, holidays and mental health and creating videos also. Also, I like exploring other social media outlets during free time in the office or before leaving for the day. And I enjoy being around the team. I feel comfortable here!

Adriana, thanks so much for serving alongside our team with your gifts and presence!

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