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From Volunteer to Instructor: Indira Singh

Hi, Tell us how your volunteer involvement with us began.

In the summer of 2021, I was in search of opportunities to expand my experience working with children. I came across Hope for Miami and the summer camps across the city and knew I wanted to participate in any way I could. So I reached out to the Volunteer Coordinator at the time and was assigned to Buen Pastor Church in Hialeah. After that summer, I came back every day the next school year to volunteer during the after-school program. Then, in the 2022 summer camp, I became a paid instructor at Buen Pastor.

What memories do you have from those days ?

I remember calling the Site Supervisor the day before the 2022 summer camp started asking her so many questions because I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. But I later found that there was nothing to worry about because I was working alongside a wonderful team. I met so many fun, special, andunique kids as well as HFM staff that I connected with. That year I worked with another volunteer named Annaya who became my better half and worked so well with me to help out the site. One of my favorite memories of that summer was one of the field trips that took place on site where farm animals were brought to us. The kids were so excited to pet and hold rabbits and goats! I have memories of celebrating summer birthdays with the whole program and seeing the kids' faces light up and smile from ear to ear!

Who were some of the HFM team members who made a positive impact on your life?

The two HFM team members who have and continue to make such a great impact in my life are Tatiana Alonso and MallyFontan. They are two of the kindest souls I have ever met! Their work ethic, kindness and way with the kids have inspired me to pursue my education and dream of doing what I love - working one-on-one with children. Tatiana and Mally are people I can always rely on for help and advice - professionally and personally. They make the Buen Pastor afterschool site what it is and are the reason the kids come back every year.

Finally, tell us about your current summer camp involvement. What do you see happening through your efforts?

I continue to enjoy being an instructor at Buen Pastor. Although my previous students have moved on to higher grades while I stayed on with the kindergarten class, I enjoy meeting new kids. And it still warms my heart seeing previous students greet me in the hallways every morning and saying goodbye at the end of the day. I believe sticking around Buen Pastor throughout the years and giving the kids a familiar face to see helps give them a sense of structure. I think every child needs structure when they are growing up, developing their personalities and everything else seems to be changing as they grow older.

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