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A Story of Hope: Meet Brittany

We invite you to read about how working together for the flourishing of our families can produce life-changing outcomes.

Meet Brittany. She's a 7-year old first-grader and attends Hope for Miami's afterschool program at Riverside Methodist Church in Little Havana.

Background: She and her parents moved here from Nicaragua a year ago. But in adjusting to her new home, Brittany has struggled to learn English as well as learning to manage her emotions and behavior.

Family Impact: In addition, her parents reached out to the Riverside site supervisor, Ms. Beberly, for support in finding resources to assist them in caring for their daughter. And with the help from the afterschool team, Brittany is making major improvements in her language and reading skills.

Our Partners: Also, we're grateful for our partnership with The Advocacy Network on Disabilities (AND) which provides resources to our afterschool sites, staff and families. AND also reached out to Brittany's family and they are now receiving counseling services through the Family Development Initiative.

Our thanks also to Ms. Alina, AND's Inclusion Specialist, who has provided classroom observations, resources and strategies for our staff to use.

Check out Brittany enjoying her "cool-down" corner provided by AND.

to see what a difference love and caring can do!

Thankfully, Brittany is just one of the many lives impacted by HFM's afterschool program.

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