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Partner Spotlight: The 305 Club Is Busy These Days

Hope for Miami had the chance to interview the newest young leader of the 305 Club recently. Daniel Real gives us some insight into what club has been up to lately.

1. Hi, tell us who you are and a little bit about why you wanted to get involved with the 305 Club. What are some of your interests and skills that prompted you to serve our communities in this way?

My name is Daniel Real and I’m a junior at Belen Jesuit Preparatory School. From the moment I heard about the 305 Club, I knew that I wanted to be involved in some way. When I heard about them, I had already been serving as the President of a group called Player To Player, where we organized donations and collected soccer equipment to give to those who are passionate about the sport but don’t have the means to buy what is needed to play it. When presented with another chance to serve our community through the 305 Club, I knew I had to jump on the opportunity. I have always enjoyed working with kids; this, combined with my love of sports, is what has allowed me to be so passionate about striving to bring a smile to our incredibly deserving kids.

2. Thanks, so now, tell us what 305 Club is all about, who takes part in it and what are some of the projects and activities you plan to accomplish.

The Club is a teen volunteer force of over 50 members from Belen and Carrolton School. We also have other members who sign up at our school’s annual Volunteer Fair. Throughout the year, we will continue to visit the various Hope for Miami locations to provide tutoring and a good time through arts and crafts and sports activities for our kids. We’ll provide virtual tutoring as well. In addition, we’ll continue to host some special events throughout the year including our annual St. Patrick’s Fun and Kinship Day. Finally, through my experience and contacts as the president of Player to Player, we will be organizing monthly soccer clinics for the kids. A group of us will coach, practice, and play soccer with the children as an exciting and fun way to end the week. We added this new component to the 305 Club at the end of last school year and it was a huge success, so we hope to continue it this year.

3. This is special! A big shout-out to each of you. Now, share something about serving our sites that is particularly meaningful to you.

For me, there is no feeling more rewarding than seeing the smile on our kids' faces when they see us come back for another fun filled day at Hope for Miami. To know that you are brightening up the day of these amazing children for just those 2-3 hours that you spend with them is an irreplaceable joy that makes me eager to come back with new and fun ideas that they would love.

4. Also, what’s one aspect of Hope for Miami’s work that most encourages and motivates you?

One part of Hope for Miami’s work that motivates me the most is how much the organization nurtures and cares for these children through their afterschool programs. Whether you tutor a kid through a homework assignment that they do not understand or you do some form of arts and crafts with one of them, you are becoming a part of their lives that hopefully, they will never forget.

5. Finally, tell us something interesting about yourself to help us get to know you better.

A little more about me. I was originally born in Panama City, Panama, and moved to Miami when I was 5 years old. I am the youngest of three brothers who all grew up playing soccer. The competitive nature between us and the fun that it brought to us growing up is the reason why I have incorporated the new outdoor sports activities component into the 305 Club. Although the three of us have since stopped playing competitively, I know that these activities are a source of enormous happiness and fun and can’t wait to bring that same light to the children of Hope for Miami for the rest of my high school years.

Thanks, Daniel - We appreciate you sharing your journey with us and we look forward to our partnership together!

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