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Meet Our After School Appreciation Week Nominees

This is Afterschool Appreciation Week! Take a moment to meet some of our after school team members who are using their time, energies and talents in serving students and families as part of our WhizKids and Success Club After School Programs.


Omara M. serves youth with disabilities at Ferguson Sr. HS and always goes above and beyond for her students, families and team members. And because she understands these students’ needs, Omara finds creative ways to keep activities exciting and enriching while also providing parents with knowledge and peace of mind that their kids are cared for.


Katrina C. been crucial to getting activities at her site connected virtually to her students. She selflessly contributes beyond what her job requires, has a “can do” attitude, completes tasks in a timely manner and works well with all age ranges.


Nancy H. is a dependable, hard-working Advocate, always there for her students. She comes in early and stays late when necessary, provides meals and snacks for the kids and makes sure everyone understands their homework. Plus, she has a great sense of humor, which helps our team relax, laugh and feel like family when things get overwhelming.


Tanit E. brings passion, dedication and innovation to her program site every day. She’s a very talented teacher who is able to attract and keep the attention of her students while tracking their growth. In addition, Tanit always wants to improve her skills and knowledge through in-service learning.


Leticia S. has a force that is driving her. She respects her tasks, knows how to stay focused, has a positive attitude and was one of our first team members to reach out to our students virtually during. And she really relates well with everyone.


Silvia I. has the unique ability to make connections with all our students with disabilities. She’s super reliable, has the skills to work on behavior management, understands the prevention side of our work and is always willing to help. In addition, she accomplishes all tasks with great initiative and a positive attitude.


Jamie S-F. is extremely hard working, welcomes complex challenges, is insightful and always willing to take the initiative, no matter the task. She displays impressive logical thinking abilities, is an active participant in discussions and an eager listener who never hesitates to ask questions.

Thanks to all our after school staff and partners!

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