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Hope for Miami welcomes Jennifer William to our team!

Hi Jennifer, and welcome to the Hope for Miami family! To get started, tell us where you’re from, a bit of your background and what drew you to HFM.

Although, I was born in Florida, I have spent most of my upbringing in Brooklyn, NY. After undergraduate in South Carolina and graduate school in Virginia, I decided to relocate back home to Florida. During my training with the Department of Children and Families, Hope for Miami was mentioned for the awesome work that they do.

Thanks, now, share with us which HFM program you lead us and some of your activities.

I am fortunate enough to lead the Healthy for Life Program. I enjoy going out into the community and educating teenagers and young adults about HIV prevention and treatment. This task is extremely vital due to Miami being the #1 county in Florida with new HIV cases. I am excited to partner with community organizations and schools to bring awareness about this epidemic.

So, how do you think your skills, knowledge and interests equip you to serve in this way each day?

Being that my degree is in Public Health, the population in which I serve and come in direct contact with every day is the population I intend to help for the remainder of my life. I aspire to equip the community with knowledge and the tools to build healthier lifestyles as a whole.

What’s one or two aspects of Hope for Miami that most encourages and motivates you?

I love the fact that Hope for Miami represents effective change within the community. Not only do we advocate for change but we also collaborate with other community organizations to enforce positive results.

Finally, tell us something interesting about yourself to help us get to know you better.

My mom and dad are Haitian and have taught me to speak Creole and French. I am the oldest of 8 siblings. I have lived in 5 states across the East Coast and I have traveled to 3 countries. Outside of work, you can catch me at the beach spending time with my dog and family.

Thanks Jennifer for sharing with us. We’re so grateful to have you on the team!

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