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Our Identity:  Healthy for Life is an HIV awareness and prevention program under the prevention services division of Hope For Miami.

Our Mission:  The program seeks to assist in ending the HIV epidemic in Miami-Dade County by increasing awareness and education of youth populations on HIV prevention, testing and treatment. 

Who we Serve: Miami-Dade County youth, ages 15-24 and the adults that influence them. 

Our Activities: Healthy for Life provides free one-hour educational workshops aimed at educating teens and young adults in the community about what is HIV, how to prevent and protect from HIV, and the importance of regular HIV testing and treatment. Participants will learn:
•How HIV is transmitted
•What stigmas and misperceptions surround the topic of HIV
•Ways to prevent HIV
•How and where to get tested
•How to receive treatment if they do test positive

Contact: for more information.

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