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Where are they now? Angel Garciaz

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Meet Angel Garciaz, who grew up with HFM.

Hi Angel, we’re eager to hear the story of your involvement with us “back in the day!" Tell us about it, how did it begin?

My journey with Hope for Miami began back when it was just known as Family and Children Faith Coalition. I was in Pre-K at Cutler Ridge Elementary and started going to aftercare at the Pinelands site next door. I continued on there through 8th grade. Then I began volunteering at the Wayside after school site before participating in the M-DCPS Summer Youth Internship Program for two summers. I finished off my Senior summer volunteering at the Riverside location in Little Havana.

What were some of those experiences like for you?

Participating in summer camp during elementary school gives me fond memories. Wannado City still ranks as a top three field trip. I can’t forget the End of Summer Celebration 2015 with Project U-Turn and Compass with the epic kickball game and waterslide!

Tell us about some of the HFM team members you remember who made a positive impact on your life.

Quinton Parrish who served in the Compass Youth Program at Southwood Middle taught me tools to resist peer pressure and just be myself. Honestly there are too many to list, as every staff member throughout my journey with HFM has positively impacted my life.

What are you doing now and how did your earlier experiences prepare you for your current endeavors?

I am currently on staff at HFM @ Bel-Aire Elementary School working with the kindergarten and first graders. I am a 2022 graduate from Robert Morgan Educational Center with my CDA & 45 hr. DCF credentials. Being involved with Hope for Miami for so many years helped me realize that working with children and being a positive influence on the next generation is what my WHY is. I am grateful for “growing up" with HFM and having the opportunity to give back a small portion of what was given to me.

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