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Welcome back, Michelle!

HFM would like to welcome back our very own Michelle Morales!

1. How did you originally serve with HFM?

I started with Hope for Miami in 2007 as a volunteer with the Lift Up America project. Later, I was invited to be part of the Project U-Turn team as the data administrator. My journey allowed me to take up the position of Program Coordinator for Project U-Turn and later for the Compass Team for substance abuse prevention education. My last position before my family moved to Orlando, FL was Director of Prevention Services.

2. How did those first few years shape your personal and professional development?

Hope for Miami shaped who I am today, both professionally and personally. HFM focuses on building into each team member’s dreams, goals, and passions. Thus, I truly felt cared for and loved, as our mission of “Shalom” or seeking the flourishing of our city is demonstrated within the communities served and in each team.

Hope For Miami has been the building block of my professional career. I stepped into my first position with minimal experience and was given the opportunity to shine and grow within the human service field. I was encouraged to finish my education and I have since earned a Master of Art in International Community Development. I’ve also utilized the knowledge and experience learned at Hope For Miami in my position as Program Director of Educational Services for Youth in Orlando, Florida in the past four years.

3. What are you most looking forward to being back with us?

What I look forward to most is going through this new journey together with everyone Hope For Miami, getting to know everyone and how I can encourage and serve them. I’m so happy to “be back home” and grateful to those that have given me the opportunity to come alongside this great organization once again.

4. What is one interesting fact about Michelle outside of work?

I love the arts, especially singing and dancing!

Thanks for sharing and for joining us once again as together, we seek the flourishing of our Miami communities!

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