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Team Member Spotlight! Meet Faby Noguera

Faby was recently Hope for Miami's MVP! Read her full story below.

1. Hi, tell us who you are, where you are from and how you serve with the team at Hope for Miami?

My name is Faby Noguera and I’m originally from Cuba. I came to Miami from Europe eleven years ago and have been serving with the Hope for Miami team for seven years. My first experience was as an instructor and now, I’m a Supervisor at our Wayside Baptist after school site.

2. Thanks, so, how do you think your skills/gifts, knowledge and interests equip you to do your tasks?

I believe that my skills and knowledge equip me to be more effective and practical in serving our children and families. It gives me real joy and happiness to help where there is need.

3. What’s one aspect of Hope for Miami’s work that most encourages and motivates you?

What really motivates me is knowing that our Hope for Miami team puts effort, love and mercy into what we do. We want to offer resources and help so the students and their families can overcome some of their challenges and flourish.

4. Finally, tell us something interesting about yourself to help us get to know you better.

I enjoy traveling with my husband, laughing often, being with my family, cooking and serving God.

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