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Partner Spotlight! Chandra Preston & The Vanity Room

Introduction: Hello, my name is Chandra Preston and I’m a Licensed Esthetician and owner of The Vanity Room, LLC based in Miami Lakes, Florida. I offer skincare and waxing services, mobile spa parties, self-love/pampering parties, educational workshops, hand-poured scented candles and homemade body butters.​

Challenges and an Opportunity: For years, I struggled and still struggle with hormonal acne. And though I worked as a Counselor for a long time, I never considered the beauty profession as a career. After trying almost everything to cure my intermittent breakouts, I decided to enroll in school to become an Esthetician. When I first started as a student, my acne was the worst it had ever been. And as I learned more, my skin slowly improved and I became my first client!

Success: While studying for my new career, I always envisioned opening my own skincare business. Gradually, I purchased equipment and other items to bring my dream to reality. By the time I graduated, my skin was clear due to my new-found knowledge and I had acquired all the required tools and supplies to open my own spa business.

Helping Others: Through my horrible experience, I was led to learn a skill to help myself and others who are experiencing similar skin conditions. Having worked in the counseling field for many years, I’ve become very familiar with the impact low self-esteem has on the mind and body

The Vanity Room doesn’t solely offer skincare and waxing, but I also promote Self Love. I empower others to pamper, celebrate and love on themselves. Therefore, I make it my personal mission to promote and encourage others to love themselves and the skin they are in. ​Helping individuals realize their full skin potential is my passion!

Here to Serve: I take pride in offering my clients top of the line services and treatments while using professional skincare products in our treatment room and for retail sale.

Here to Support Hope for Miami: And in an effort to support the work of Hope of Miami, I have curated complimentary self-care boxes just for you.

For more information visit me - or call (786) 504-7927.

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