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MVP Spotlight - Meet Scott Lufbery

1. Who you are, where you are from and how you serve with the team at Hope for Miami.

I’m Scott Lufbery and I was born and raised in Miami. I currently serve as a Program Manager for the Out of School Department, working with elementary students in our Afterschool and Summer Camp Programs.

2. How do you think your skills/gifts, knowledge and interests equip you to do your tasks?

I’ve always had a passion to work with youth since I was in High School. I have over 13+ years of experience working with all age groups, including foster care, youth ministry and now at Hope for Miami. Working with students and connecting with them has equipped me to do my job well and help them along the path to success.

3. What’s one aspect of Hope for Miami’s work that most encourages and motivates you?

Hope for Miam’s mission to reach the community, provide the services youth need to flourish and the impact we are making to better the lives of individuals encourages and motivates me to continue the work and bring hope to Miami.

4. Tell us something interesting about yourself to help us get to know you better.

In a way I guess it helps me be more productive, but I can type really fast on the computer! Another interesting fact is that my wife and I have been foster parents for 4 years.

Thanks Scott! We are so grateful to have you as part of our HFM family!

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