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Meet Our Team Member Ledisney Rodriguez

Hi, tell us who you are, what you do and what excites you about your work.

I’m Ledisney Rodriguez and I’ve been with Hope for Miami 2 ½ years. I currently serve as one of the Program Managers with our Whiz Kidz and Success After School and Summer Camp initiatives. I am truly passionate about the children we serve and the impact we make in their lives. I love creating sustainable quality programs that help students grow and learn and that also offer parents a safe and quality program for their kids that they can trust.

That’s great! So, how do you think your skills, knowledge and interests help you with what you do?

I have a true passion and dedication to see our communities thrive. My years of experience in community-based programming, along with my administrative skills have enabled me to help children, youth, families and staff reach their ultimate potential and goals.

Gotcha. Now, could you tell us how you see these efforts working together for the flourishing of those you serve?

Each year, we serve about 1,200 children with quality-based programs that offer reading, fitness, life skills, social emotional learning, arts and crafts, homework help, fun summer camp field trips and a lot more.

By providing our kids with these types of activities, we believe we can help them avoid some of the adverse situations they may be facing, as well as provide them with skills, knowledge and experiences they can use in their lives going forward.

Anything else we need to know about Disney?

Because I care about the well-being of all our children, I created a Hope for Miami project a couple of years ago called “Urban K Gardens”.

Through it, we’d like to develop sustainable food gardens to improve school wellness and provide environmental education on local middle and high school campuses. And I’m really excited about developing and expanding this worthwhile project all across Miami Dade!

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1 Comment

Jul 03, 2022

Im seeking support and help. I will like to help Family who are in Crisis. We are not just Single, Poor, a victim of DV, Don't used my Past to benefit yours corrupt system. The past is not the future. We are fighting for justice league The unconditional love to a mother to a child. No more Falsifying Abuse accusations Report. Hotline Abuse Accusations For harassment. I'm Spoken up for them. No Health Issues, or Addiction, Disability or Learning Disability to stop The Growing to Get yours dream to walk by faith and believe and God he will change. My purpose in life. To that child. To the mother the family I believe God Gift for me to help othe…

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