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Meet our MVP – Brianna Bueno

For the first time since our team began celebrating MVPs, an intern has been chosen as HFM's Most Valuable Player for the month. 

Brianna Bueno attends the University of Florida with a major in Health Education & Behaviors. In this major, students are required to identify a non-profit agency for a practical, work experience internship as graduation requirement. Hope for Miami was listed as an approved location, so she reached out to us. During her initial interview, we shared all the health-related programs we have and let her choose the one that most appealed to her interests and skills. 

Brianna chose Project Bridge, our mental health initiative. During her term, she has worked on projects such as updating our Mental Health Resources page, coordinated the Suicide Prevention Walk event and assisted by preparing the supplies and materials needed for the Youth Mental Health First Aid training workshops

When asked about the most interesting aspect of her position, Ms. Bueno said, “I found out about the power of connections and collaboration. By attending Council meetings, I met people who really cared about making a difference and working together to solve community problems.” 

Being nominated and then awarded the MVP status surprised Brianna. She stated that in her prior work experience and at school, it was more typical that individuals receive feedback only when they are doing something wrong, rather than being rewarded for excellence.  Brianna, we so appreciate having you as part of our team.

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