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Meet Joseph Sheldon

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Hi, tell us a little bit about who you are, where you’re from and how you found out about Hope for Miami.

I am Cuban American, born in Miami, married for 14 years! In my early days, I had opportunities to work all across different neighborhoods in Miami. It really gave me a better understanding of life outside of the suburbs. I knew I wanted to make a difference. I found out about Hope for Miami when I received an email from Miami Dade College about a Facilitator possession with Compass in 2014.

How are you serving with the Hope for Miami team?

I'm currently a Program Manager with WhizKidz, our after school department, where I love leading side by side with some of our great staff. Hope for Miami provides free or affordable after school & summer camps, which are not only fun but academically enriching. Big shout out to everyone at my program sites: Pinelands Church, Wayside Church, Miami Central & Great Heights Academy!

How do you think your skills, knowledge and interests equip you to do your tasks?

I have a huge passion for leading and management. In my current position, I'm able to assist in that process which is extremely enjoyable. I recently joined the The Leadership Academy under The Children's Trust to sharpen my skills. I want to see Miami flourish!

Finally, tell us something interesting or fun that will help us get to know you better.

My wife and I love traveling, but I was afraid of flying. Little by little, I got over those fears and now, we enjoy experiencing new cultures and countries. Oh, I was once a classroom teacher for MDCPS and won "rookie-teacher-of-the-year, before I found my way back to Hope for Miami.

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