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June MVP: Markaly Avril

Markaly Avril, who serves on the Ready4Life team, is the staff member chosen for our MVP award this month. “Mark” was born in Miami, but raised in Broward County. He attended USF for his undergraduate degree and is currently in the process of obtaining a Masters in Public Health from George Washington University. When asked about his favorite things about his position, Mark had this to say: 

“There are two things I enjoy about my job at HFM: (1) the impact we make on the students we serve when it comes to healthy decision-making and (2) the

leadership, accountability, and transparency amongst my teammates/co-workers... from our Program Director to the other health educators. I truly appreciate them.”

A fun fact about Mr. Avril: both his dad and his brother are nicknamed Mark, so they use their tone of voice to distinguish who they are speaking to. Mark says he is proud of his Haitian descent and loves sharing tidbits/insights of Haitian culture with others. For fun, Mark enjoys being active indoors or outdoors, usually doing a combination of basketball, biking, and running.

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