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A Story of Hope

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Meet Gabriel. He's one of the many children we've positiviely impacted with our afterschool programs. This is his story.

"When my son was in kindergarten, his teacher said she’d never heard his voice in the classroom and that he didn’t talk with his classmates. This continued into first grade.

Then, we reached out to Hope for Miami’s after-school program at Pinelands Church and I explained to Ms. Lourdes, the program director, that he didn’t talk at all in school.

So he began attending the after school and it’s like something magic happened.

Now, each afternoon at the program, he talks to his teachers and all of his friends and gets along well with them. He really looks forward to being there each day.

Our family is so happy now and grateful to Ms. Lourdes and Ms. Mirna for all that they've done to help bring about these changes in my son’s life. They are the sweetest people in the world. They know how much we love them!

This is a marvelous program and we highly recommend it to other families in our neighborhood."

Gabriel's Mom, Summer 2019

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