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Our Newest Initiative: MenUp

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Growing up without a loving, caring father figure can completely alter the trajectory of one's life. In our next two newsletters (Dec. '19 & Jan '20), Isiah will share his Story of Hope, as he faced struggles at home, school, in relationships and his neighborhood. Gang activity, poor grades, stealing "just to survive", anxiety, loneliness and fear... Isiah experienced it all.

The Reality: Isiah's life is not unique to just a few. Statistics reveal that 1 in 4 children live without a father at home. Tragically, kids raised in this manner are:

  • 4 times more likely to live in poverty.

  • 2 times at greater risk of infant mortality.

  • 7 times more likely to become pregnant out-of-wedlock.

  • 2 times more likely to drop out of school..... and

  • More likely to experience behavioral problems, face abuse and neglect, abuse drugs and alcohol, suffer from obesity, commit crime or go to jail.

Hope for Miami's Response: In order to address these challenges, Hope for Miami has launched a new program we've named "MenUp". We want to help build flourishing families and communities by promoting positive relationships between caring adults and youth. This will involve mentoring through workshops, evidence and faith-based curriculum and other activities.

Join us in this new endeavor to bring hope and healing to our children. You can help with financial and in-kind donations, promotion and recruiting others.

For more information and to get involved, contact: J Martinez -


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