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Our Identity:  The Family Connections partners with other community groups to re-connect students back to successful engagement with their Miami-Dade County Public School classes.


Our Mission:  Our goal is to serve parents with a child who has frequently been absent or chronically tardy to determine the underlying challenges to regular attendance and to provide any referrals and support services that   are needed at no cost. All involvement between families, students and the Family Connections staff is strictly confidential. No one at your child’s school will ever know what services were provided.

Who we Serve: Miami-Dade County students K-12 and the adults that influence them. 

Our Activities:

Referral or Support Services for Families

•    Academic tutoring
•    Food assistance
•    Transportation 
•    Counseling 
•    Housing
•    Public benefits enrollment
•    Health care & insurance
•    Practical supports (such as school supplies, alarm clocks)
•    Assistance with utility bills 
•    Legal services 
•    Family bonding visits to connect to an incarcerated parent
•    Unemployment assistance and/or career services
•    Others services the family may require
• Student in grades K-12th
• Enrolled in a M-DCPS School
• Frequent tardiness
• More than 10 absences from school

Family Connections is a partnership between Hope for Miami, Children of Inmates, Guardian Watch and UniteUS.

Contact: for more information or call 786.388.3000

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