Welcome to Hope for Miami’s Volunteer Engagement Page

Thanks for being willing to volunteer your time, skills and energies on behalf of others!  

But before we get started, take a moment to read the following to better understand our approach to serving our neighbors.

Think Threads: All of us have been entrusted with various levels of influence, interests, time, energy and resources. Take a moment to consider your own life.  What about your skills, interests, values and concerns for the world and the city around you? Think of all of these aspects as "threads".

All Woven Together: Now, picture a place like Miami in which all of us were committed to taking whatever "threads" we have and together, we sought out those areas where the fabric of community is weak and has fallen apart, in order to re-weave neighborhoods into places of healing, hope and wholeness.

Our Vision is for a Miami in which each of us uses our resources, skills, and interests as "threads" to re-weave our neighborhoods into a tapestry of well-being for everyone.

Towards a Flourishing Miami: The foundation of Hope for Miami’s approach to community service and renewal is the belief that the well-being of our neighborhoods is best served when all the resources we have been entrusted with are applied to the many challenges around us. It’s a principle that works within the context of solid relationships built on trust, integrity, openness and cooperation.

Let’s Work Together to Re-weave our Neighborhoods:  And so, we invite you to join with us on an exciting and meaningful journey as a volunteer!

Here’s our Commitment to You:

The Right Fit:  First, we’ll work hard to find a great place for your volunteer assignment that aligns with your interests, skills, knowledge and proximity to home. It’ll be a situation that’s safe, fun and meaningful for you and those you serve.

Skills! All of us, including Napoleon Dynamite, need to develop skills! During your volunteer time, you’ll learn new ways of doing things and hopefully, you’ll increase your capacity to do them.

Looking for Community Service Hours? We’ll keep track of your service hours so that at the end of you volunteer journey, you’ll have an official document stating what you did and when.

Here are Our Programs & Opportunities:

><> WhizKids After School and Summer Camp:  Activities include literacy, fitness, social skills, homework help and field trips.

><> Children of Inmates: Activities include bonding visits to the prisons.

><> Success Club: After School program, five days a week and summer camp, for teens with disabilities. Activities include homework help.

Here are the Ways you can Serve:

 ><> Sports & Fitness

><> Arts & Crafts

><> Literacy/Reading to children

><> IT & Computer/Social Media

><> Field Trips

><> Administration - Office setting

Interested in Serving or Learning More ?

Please contact Scott Maurer, Hope for Miami Volunteer Coordinator   scott@hopeformiami.org or call 786.388.3000 x 309

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