Did you know?

Each year, one in five people in the U. S. experience a mental health or addiction disorder each year.

Did you also know?

Three- fourths of all mental health illnesses appear by age 25. Yet, only half of youth with diagnosable mental health problems ever receive treatment. 
Project Bridge is dedicated to creating a community which promotes positive mental health for Miami youth by equipping and training adults who work with teens and young adults.
What We Do: 
We provide FREE training in Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) to anyone who interacts with youth, ages 12-18 or to parents of adolescents.
What is YMHFA?
It's an 8-hour course designed to help participants recognize early warning signs of mental health problems and addictions as well as how to refer young people to the assistance they need. 


We invite you to join us in helping bring hope and healing to our youth 

If you would like to sponsor or be part of the next training, contact us. 



 Here's what attendees appreciate about the training and being certified as a MYFA trainer



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